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Reading recommendation: Managing Humans

The book „Managing Humans“ by Michael Loop is just great for everyone who works with people, or, let’s say, nerds, geeks, engineers, programmers… well, people.

It’s written from an engineer’s perspective and gives you a nice break of other management books which so often are full of buzzwords. This book certainly isn’t.

There are three main parts:

  1. The Management Quiver, for example „How to run a meeting“, „Managementese“ and „Saying No“
  2. The Process is the Product, for example „Taking time to think“, and „When the sky falls“
  3. Versions of You, for example „Bored People Quit“, „Managing Nerds“ and „Free Electrons“.

I’ve enjoyed reading the book and I’ve learned something or found something worth noting in almost every chapter.


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