Tried and trusted game idea: sticky note ABC

Sticky notes are a wonderful tool for all kinds of workshop and training situations.

In my session at the HR management congress, I talked about using sticky notes in the context of team building, enhancing communication and international collaboration.

You can basically play „Scrabble“ with sticky notes – simply write one letter on each note and create new words. A good starting point is to use people’s first names or the names of their country of origin, or words or phrases from the workshop.

What about… Team culture:

Team culture

What comes to mind when you look at these letters? Do you already see new words or phrases? Maybe you see the names of team members? Or something completely different?

You need a certain level of language skill to play this game, but you could also allow words and phrases from other languages, provided that the person who brings the words in explains what they mean.


Here are some results:

results of moving sticky notes around results of moving sticky notes around results of moving sticky notes around results of moving sticky notes around

It’s a very simple, quick and effective tool. And funny and creative, too!



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