Friday thought: digital leadership

Recently, I’ve noticed that several HR magazines seem to have (re-)discovered leadership questions. Articles on team management and „leading in the digital age“ are plenty.
I welcome these articles on the one hand, because I think that sharing knowledge and best practice in this field should never stop and that both new and experienced leaders and managers can benefit from reading and thinking about leadership questions.
On the other hand, I wonder whether „digital leadership“ is and should be a thing or if we should start looking at „human leadership“ (again), or whether what’s currently called „digital leadership“ might actually be „human leadership“.

I feel that some of the „new“ concepts are more or less based on treating people well and focusing on human aspects rather than numbers or objectives. But I’m well aware of the fact that many people who are leaders or managers still need to grow into that role and that HR could in some cases do more to help people become better at what they’re doing.

When reading about the digital leader being open, flexible, transparent and composed, I generally agree. And I look at the overall picture and find that a leader who is or wants to be open, flexible, transparent and composed needs an organisation or system that allows him/her to be and do just that. If your work environment doesn’t support flexibilty or transparancy, you can still try and be and do those things, but it will be a lot harder.

If we want change at the work place, we have to start somewhere. Looking at leadership and helping leaders to grow is important. We just shouldn’t stop there.


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