Reading recommendation on performance management

Recently I finished reading „Measuring and managing performance in organizations“ by Robert D. Austin.
Although some of its chapters are a bit dry, it’s a very interesting read on the whole, and I can recommend it to anyone who tries to measure performance at the work place. It’s kind of an eye-opener on why so many performance management systems don’t work, and what you might do to make it better.

However, you won’t find solutions for all types of organizations or work, as „Some things (in fact, many things) are just not easy to measure.“ and „The fundamental message of this book is that organizational measurement is hard.“
Still, it is not impossible if you are very clear about what you want to measure, and, what’s more, what you will be doing with the data. Before thinking of yet another tool or gadget to measure performance, take one or more steps back and look at critical factors and at your workflows and figure out what people really need to do to be successful. Then, only then, you can start to measure things – or decide not to measure things at all, because that’s also an option.

Happy reading!


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